Hello 👋

Hello 👋

I'm David, a creative dude (and media company director) based in Scotland with over 20 years' experience in journalism, graphic design, photography, video production, and – most recently – piloting camera drones.

I'm also a self-certified Apple/technology obsessive, and am particularly excited about the Vision Pro and the emerging immersive entertainment experiences – say it three times quickly! – that are becoming possible... so I created this site (and YouTube channel) to share the latest news and bring people together in this space, because it's an exciting time to be alive!

And I need like-minded people to talk to! 😁

If you're also intrigued by the possibilities of new technology, spatial video and the future of filmmaking and entertainment, please hit the button below to support this site and enjoy future news and such appearing in your inbox – it would mean a lot – thank you! 🙇

The "Holstee Manifesto" which I absolutely love (and have a framed print of in my office).