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Apple Vision Key Dates Timeline [Updated 10 June 2024]

Apple Vision Key Dates Timeline [Updated 10 June 2024]
Photo by Adrian Hernandez / Unsplash

Here's a master timeline of key Apple Vision dates – Apple hardware and OS first point releases [i.e. 1.1, 1.2... but not 1.1.2] – in reverse chronological order.

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Last updated: 10 June 2024

Apple's WWDC keynote on 5 June 2023 announcing the Vision Pro (⏱️ 1:21:00)


10 June (WWDC)

8 more countries getting the Vision Pro in June and July (China, Japan, Singapore on June 28; Australia, Canada, France, Germany, UK on July 12).

Announced: New spatial camera lenses/systems coming later this year from Canon and Blackmagic Design.

9 April

Vision OS 1.1.2 released

7 March

VisionOS 1.1 released

2 Feb

Vision Pro goes on sale in the US for $3,499 (for base model with 256GB storage)


5 June

Vision Pro is announced at WWDC (Apple YouTube video timestamp link)