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Parkour Immersive Video Releasing on May 31

The second episode of Apple's Immersive Video Series, "Parkour" – featuring the UK group STORROR (who have amassed 10 million subscribers on YouTube) – is coming on Friday.

The 12-minute long episode will see members of the pioneering parkour group "take on awe-inspiring challenges in some of the world's most spectacular locations."

Apple's "Parkour" immersive video.

Apple's Immersive Video series is currently only available on AppleTV+ in the US, but should be coming to other countries when the Vision Pro launches outside the US after WWDC in June.

Here's hoping that Apple ramps up the cadence of its immersive video releases, given this second episode is coming four months after the first episode, "Highlining", which debuted alongside the Vision Pro's US launch.