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Vision Pro: AI Features Coming; Retail Demos Evolve

Apple Intelligence will arrive on Vision Pro in 2025.

Mark Gurman reports that Apple Intelligence will indeed be coming to the Vision Pro, but not until 2025.

Apple Intelligence is coming to the Vision Pro. When Apple Intelligence was unveiled earlier this month, it was only promised for the Mac, iPhone and iPad. But there’s another device primed to get it: the Vision Pro headset. I’m told that Apple is actively working on bringing the features to the device, but it won’t happen this year. From a technology standpoint, the headset has more than enough memory (16 gigabytes) to run the technology.
– Mark Gurman, Bloomberg

Gurman also reports that retail demos of the Vision Pro have been changed, to allow customers to experience their own photos and videos on the device during a hands-on (or on-head?) demo.

Potential buyers will also be given the option to "go deep" on a specific feature that interests them, to spend more time trying out specific aspects of the device.

Apple has also changed the default headset being used for demos from the Solo Knit Band to the Dual Loop, as it's deemed to be more comfortable for most people.